Data Processors

In UniHelper we use the following data processors to process your data.


Google is an american company with a broad palette of services. UniHelper uses G-Suite to handle the following.

  • Mails from the UniHelper employees accounts (not mails with study groups)

  • Storage of data collected from questionnaires, and data about the groups created by UniHelper

  • Storage of data from UniHelper evaluations

  • Storage of contracts, sales records, data processing agreements etc.


Typeform is a Barcelona-based company that specializes in questionnaires.
We use Typeform to:

  • Host the questionnaire that the students answer

  • Store the raw answers that the students submit to the questionnaire.


Mailgun is an american e-mail delivery company. We use Mailgun to send out mails to the students with their study groups. Here we send the students the contact information of the other students in their group.